Liturgy and Worship

The purpose of these pages is to encourage, and to help equip, good liturgical practice and inspired worship in the Diocese.

These pages are not intended to focus on any particular style or worship, but hope to have something for anyone looking to refresh or deepen the worship of their church.

In the following pages you should find:

I am always on the look out for new material, organisations and individuals who are available for this work, so if you can point me in the direction of any of the above, or if you would like more information, please get in touch with me, Lindsay Llewellyn-MacDuff, or contact me by the address or phone number listed in the sidebar.


10 thoughts on “Liturgy and Worship”

  1. I love the Advent Journey – pity we already have an Advent course planned as this would have been ideal to use. Maybe next year we could do 3 of the stages each time we meet over the 4 weeks?!


  2. We are planning a “Blue Christmas” service on Saturday afternoon, 20th Dec. We haven;t done one of these before (maybe no-one will come). There are some resources online (mostly from the US). Have any other parishes in the diocese tried this?


  3. Hi Lindsay
    We used some of your Advent Journey ideas today at St Philip’s, and did an interactive Epiphany journey in place of the sermon……tweaked and adapted the ideas for 5 stations – Guidance, Hard tines, Refreshment on the way, Gifts, and Refugees.
    Seemed to work really well – almost everyone engaged with it and then almost everyone came forward to be anointed with oil as a reminder that God will go with us whatever the year ahead’ journey holds.
    Thanks for these resources!


  4. The Lent Course that people still remember most positively here (from years back) was the one based on the film “Chocolat”. We’ve just decided to do another film based one this year – “The Long Road to Heaven” based on “The Way” and exploring issues of Salvation,
    Film equalises everyone – however hard we try, a group only looking at the Bible together always have the unsaid awareness of “he has read more of it” or “she did a theology course” – but Lent will begin with us seeing the film together, and equally equipped to comment on it.
    Now just praying that the new edition for 2015 is published in time – due out very soon apparently!


  5. Hi, looking on the Rochester site for some indications of what we will be doing for refugees in Refugee Week in June (20-26th). Could we include some themes relating to it as this approaches in worship and intercessions. Beginning to think about this for St Thomas’ Southborough maybe earlier because of diary commitments of our own.


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