Inclusive Church

Whenever I read an article that begins, ‘you’ve got your worship all wrong, you’re excluding the … [insert minority of your choice]’ I tend to bridle. But this one did make me stop and think.

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It’s all Greek to me …

We all, I’m sure, have stopped and done the wheelchair check, and put a loop in for the hard of hearing, and maybe even put braille signs up. But what do we do with the hard of words. When we worship Christ as The Word, how do we engage with and encourage those who find verbal communication difficult?

How much do we engage the senses, rather than just the intellect?

Could we use more repetition, to provide familiar passages that don’t require literacy?

Drama, silence, repetition, colour, smell, touch, light … what ways can we think of to broaden our worship beyond words to include as many as possible in the apprehension of the Word?


Author: @RoffenWorship

A Slightly Welsh Priest

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