Inclusive Church II

I recently came across this material which I thought useful: Adapting material for ALD

This material is a draft document by Prospect, an organisation that “… works through local churches to reach out to families affected by learning disability to offer the very best quality in professional care, in Jesus’ name.” 

It builds into my earlier post  as we consider how we include, not only those who are physically disadvantaged, but also those who inhabit a different mental world from the majority.

As a church, we are called to do all that is in our power to support everyone as they grow in faith, and to create a space in which everyone can worship the Living God – whether Jew or Greek, … slave or free, … male and female, however we construct our mental space. Every now and again it’s worth just checking that we do.


Author: @RoffenWorship

A Slightly Welsh Priest

2 thoughts on “Inclusive Church II”

  1. every Christmas at Southampton we went to the Prospects service. it was the most joyous and inclusive service I have ever been too.


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