New resources from Church of England

As promised here are the bits and bobs that have recently come through from National Church Institutions:

First, some prayers:
Prayer for VJ Day
WW1resourcesEdith Cavell
Prayer for Hiroshima
prayer for Princess Charlotte christening

Then some interesting websites:

Church Support Hub has a range of useful ideas and resources for the occasional offices in your parish, some of which you may purchase from the Church Print Hub and personalise for your church. It also offers space to share best practice and submit articles.
There’s also a link there to the Pastoral Service Diary. This is still under construction and, as I understand it, currently only covers weddings, but the rest should be available soon. It is a piece of web-based software that will digest the information – calendars, information for registers, anniversaries etc – that every parish needs to keep track of to run their occasional offices, and spit it out for you in bite size pieces.

Then they’ve created three websites for families and individuals approaching the Church, regarding Baptisms*, funerals and weddings. They include legal information, music recommendations, planning and so on.

*Note – the Church of England Baptisms project refers to ‘Christenings’ when addressing the public, and introduces the phraseology of ‘Baptism’ as part of the explanation process.

I’ll be adding all these links to the ‘links’ page of this website and I hope you find them useful.


Author: @RoffenWorship

A Slightly Welsh Priest

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