Resources for Christians thinking about migration – September 2015

See below some resources gathered by Leicester diocese:

Welcoming the Stranger: Affirmations for Faith Leaders –  a statement from the UNHCR, 2013:

Archbishop of Canterbury on the Migration Crisis (03.09.15) :

 The Bishop of Dover on the Migration Crisis (01.08.15):

 Migration: articles to download from the Spring 2015 edition of In Transmission, from the Bible Society, including:

 Thinking Biblically about Immigration – a booklet from the Jubilee Centre, free to download at:

Europe’s Refugee Crisis: focus on the need not the numbers – article from Christian Aid:

Immigration and Justice: how local churches can change the debate on immigration in Britain – a 2015 booklet, from the Jubilee Centre, with four sections:

  • Part 1 examines immigration in contemporary Britain. It digs into the data, suggests some useful categories for thinking about immigrants, and explores perceived anxieties around EU migration.
  • Part 2 offers a biblical foundation to the issue of immigration, considering how Israelite society responded to immigration, and how they were called to model something more than justice.
  • Part 3 seeks to apply this biblical knowledge as a Christian framework for contemporary Britain.
  • Part 4 proposes a set of initiatives for local churches to take as missional responses to the challenges and opportunities presented by immigration.

Available at £3.50 from

Ideas on how to respond:

A Christian Response to the Humanitarian Crisis in the Mediterranean– an article written in April 2015 by Thomas Albinson, WEA Ambassador for Refugees; includes pointers for both reflection and action:

 5 Reasons Followers of Christ Seek the Protection and Welfare of Refugees – also by Thomas Albinson:

 A Place of Refuge: a positive approach to asylum seekers and refugees in the UK – ‘a contribution to study, discussion and action’ from the Church of England Mission and Public Affairs Department, 2005 (Church House Publishing). Can be downloaded (78 pages) from:

Migration in the Light of Catholic Social Teaching – a news report from March 2015, detailing the five key principles that guide the Church’s view on migration:

Asylum in Britain: A question of conscience by Anthony Harvey – a (65 page pdf)book, from a Methodist perspective, on the theology behind the giving of asylum, available to download at:

Recommendations For The Development Of Safe And Legal Paths To Protection In The European Union – issued in November 2014 by pan-European Christian organisations:


Refugees in the Bible – a booklet from the International Association for Refugees (US-based):

Immigration and the Bible: A Guide for Radical Welcome – small group discussion guidelines produced by United Methodist Women in the US:

Continued controversy in Australia:

‘Prayer for Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers’ :

‘Prayer from a detention centre for boat refugees’ :


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