Rochester reps to General Synod – results

We are pleased to announce that the following people have been elected to serve on General Synod as representatives from the Diocese of Rochester:-

Proctors in Convocation
The Rev Mark Barker (St Stephen, Tonbridge)
The Rev Julie Conalty (Christ Church, Erith)
The Rev Angus MacLeay (St Nicholas, Sevenoaks)
The Rev Lusa Nsenga-Ngoy (St Aidan, Gravesend)

House of Laity
Brig Ian Dobbie (St Nicholas, Sevenoaks)
Mr Philip French (Tudeley cum Capel with Five Oak Green)
Dr Mike Lawes (St James, Tunbridge Wells)
Mrs Angela Scott (Christ Church, Chislehurst)
Mr Martin Sewell (Christ Church, Milton)

You may be interested to know how many electors took part in the process:-

Papers Issued                         290
Papers Returned                     174
Spoilt Papers                              1
Late Papers                                3
Percentage Poll                    60.00  %

Papers Issued                         473
Papers Returned                     303
Spoilt Papers                              0
Late Papers                                2
Percentage Poll                    64.06  %

Please hold our representatives as General Synod enters its next quinquennium of office (Perhaps using these Synod Prayers)

We are, of course, grateful to all who stood in the election and extend our thanks to those who were unsuccessful this time.


Author: @RoffenWorship

A Slightly Welsh Priest

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