HMQ90, Prayer Book Society and other resources

UPDATE: a booklet that now draws together all the official liturgical resources for celebrating Her Majesty’s 90th birthday, including an outline service and three appendices of material which we have now received from St Paul’s Cathedral: HMQ90 liturgical resources


Once a year, Church House gathers all we liturgy enthusiasts together in a room and locks us in until we can agree on a translation of the Lord’s Prayer – no, mercifully or we’d be there still. She gathers us for a useful day of hearing interesting and well informed types on the latest – and more enduring – worship practice and materials.

Some of which – at great personal risk – I share with you here. Notes from The Revd Ally Barrett and Mr Andrew Reid are already posted under my links page, since they shared a comprehensive list of sources and resources about All Age Worship and music with no (or few) musicians, respectively.

For the recently announced octave of prayer in preparation for Pentecost, there are materials, including prayers, ideas for events and updates  here, at the #thykingdomcome website*. And a similar set of resources at churchcare for the upcoming celebrations for the Queen’s 90th birthday (#HMQ90) in June.

Meanwhile, the Prayer Book Society have released a series of tidy videos aimed to instruct those poor souls who find themselves having to conduct BCP services without a tradition of it in their own background.

The Church support hub and associated sites and resources were raised again – see the entry on the links page.

But a theme that rose above the rest was a invitation to make requests – both from the Liturgical Commission (who are producing a few new bits and bobs in the coming year, watch this space) and the RSCM. ‘Tell us what you want from us’, they both said, to which I add my own echo. Do let me know – or even if you have solved your own needs, let me know the solution so others can learn from you.

Let us help each other worship to the very best of our ability, to the glory of God and the advance of her Kingdom.


* A selection of liturgical resources are collected in this document: LITURGICAL RESOURCES for THY KINGDOM COME



Author: @RoffenWorship

A Slightly Welsh Priest

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