Refugee week

Belatedly, I have got round to collecting some resources for Refugee Week – 20-26th June 2016.

There is, of course, the website of the organising body: as well as their Facebook page, and more information on the Children’s Society website.

There’s the material released by the Leicester Diocese, last year.

The Methodists have published this Bible Study, with some suggestions for worship material and there are prayers written by the Australian Jesuits, the (Australian) RC National Office for the Participation of Women, and by by Noah, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Textweek has some prayer and worship resources on the theme of peace here.

As for Common Worship, the Church of England have produced, among their topical prayers, a collect for refugees. Also, some of the Remembrance Sunday (in Times and Seasons, ‘All Saints to Advent’) material may prove useful as well as Patterns for Worship resources, along the lines of ‘Living in the world’, ‘Lament’, ‘Relationships and healing’, and ‘God in Creation’.

Wild Goose publications have published these liturgies on the subject and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland produced some worship and study material last year.

As far as hymnody is concerned, The Song God Weeps by  Shirley Erena Murray is a hymn set to DELGADO or HIROSHIMA and there is a hymn by Anna Briggs in the Iona Abbey Music Book which fits nicely. Otherwise, hymns like Christ be our Light, by Bernadette Farrell; Christ’s is the World in Which we Move, by John Bell; How Shall we Sing Salvation’s Song, by Timothy Dudley-Smith; and others of that ilk.

For video, just for starters, there’s a piece on Pope Francis’ Easter washing of refugees’ feet; ‘One Week in Lebanon‘ a moving window into the refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria and this similar piece on a camp in Turkey; and for a Bible insight into the refugee crisis there’s a ‘real truth real quick‘ video (fairly conservative) and, much shorter, there’s a 50 second Tearfund clip from Dr Chris Tilling of St Millitus and 5 short videos by Paula Gooder.

I hope that’s helpful. As always, if anyone has anything else to share, please be in touch. (My thanks to Martin Clay, of St Thomas Southborough for additional material.)


Author: @RoffenWorship

A Slightly Welsh Priest

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