Pictures (and Links) from an Exibition

I spent my afternoon today at the South East Christian Resources Exhibition, and here and there was the odd thing I thought I’d share (a lot of which doesn’t fall directly within my purview but which I tentatively share with you anyway).

I discovered a new (to me) magazine called Preach which feels a little bit like it’s talking to beginners, but which has some thoughtful articles if you’re looking for something to help with technique.

There bibleswas a stack of Bible translations and editions of every shape and size and translation. It reminded me that I’ve been using the same to Bible translations for a considerable number of years. It’s always worth reviewing from time to time, both for corporate worship and private prayer, whether we using the best translation, or even whether a change from time to time could liven up familiar texts.

There was a lot of beautiful art, which might perhaps adorn a quiet corner, a cleric or evenjohn-3-16

An example of TheWritingOnTheWall part of Word Visible’s range

a wall of the chapel (keep an eye out for Often making our worship beautiful can feel like a waste of our resources – especially when resources are tight, but it’s worth remembering that beauty can often free us from ourselves, enlarge our vision and glorify the Almighty.

The Bethlehem Carol sheet was out, which is a publication I would recommend anyone. Not only is it a worthy cause, but it gives you a well-produced carol sheet that people can take home. However, what interested me was a book they have produced to accompany the sheet that sketches out a number of carol service ideas: Bethlehem Carols Unpacked.

Another book on display was called Prepare the Way with Posters at the heart of which

poster tips.JPG
Enter a caption

was an impulse to encourage people to experiment and make their own posters to decorate poster book.JPGnoticeboards and churches. Some of the posters they had on display were really beautiful with very simple techniques. And indeed, the very act of making the poster can be a powerful piece of devotion or study.

Tucked in a corner I found The Good News Colouring Book – a resource for congregations ministering to international communities. While on the face of it quite simplistic, colouring in together can be very peaceful exercise that crosses all kinds of boundaries. Not to mention the welcome it gives to children.

Finally a little plug for decent coffee. I don’t even drink coffee, but the quality of our hospitality is often a mark of our welcome. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth.



Author: @RoffenWorship

A Slightly Welsh Priest

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