Resources from the Archive

Resources I put together earlier:

Seasons, themes and festivals:
The Kingdom Season
Evaluating Worship
Refugee week
Mothering Sunday Resources
Fathers’ Day
Resources for Christians thinking about migration 

More general theory:
The Bishop is coming (some thoughts on making the best of a visit from the Bishop)
A plea for copyright acknowledgement
A Little Less Conversation (thoughts on the new-ish material come out of the Funerals and Baptisms project)
Pictures (and Links) from an Exibition (on the CRE 2016)
On Matins and Repetitive Prayer
Lift up your voice (a guest blog on unaccompanied music)
What do we do with our symbols?

Inclusive Church blogs – thoughts on making the liturgy more accessible, particularly:

Inclusive Church I – including those less verbal, or word-blind;
Inclusive Church II and III – including those with learning difficulties;
Inclusive Church IV – including the elderly and also those with diminished cognition.